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Buddies Without Borders

Feb 6, 2019

After a rather abrupt and goofy intro, Chris & Stevie talk about the work of the amazing standup comedian, actor, and author Patton Oswalt!




talent crush \ta-lənt krəsh\ : an enthusiastic, platonic affection for a person or group of people based on their abilities, attributes, or accomplishments

chat show \chat shō\ n : a broadcast programme in which hosts and guests engage in casual conversation on various topics for the benefit of an audience

The Talent Crush Chat Show \thə ta-lənt krəsh chat shō\ n : a podcast hosted by Stevie Jackson and Christopher Royce dedicated to discussing the art and culture they adore, and occasionally talking to the people who make it.

Stevie is an actress, writer, and producer based in Vancouver, British Columbia; Chris is a writer and social media manager based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

New episodes the first Wednesday of every month.


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