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Buddies Without Borders

Dec 3, 2019

In episode #21 of The Talent Crush Chat Show, Stevie and Chris discuss the proper order of holiday celebrations (no overlap!) before diving into a veritable vat of comedy. They cover Stevie’s attendance at a live taping of Comedy Bang Bang, Chris’s enjoyment of Josh Gondelman’s book Nice Try, the wonders to be discovered up Schitt’s Creek, and whether comedy specials - or really any two things - should be compared. Plus much more!


Pictures of the cast and theatre of the CBB show in Vancouver that Stevie attended! [Photo Credit: Lauren Lapkus’s Instagram]

Comedy Bang Bang

- Andy Daly on the Dead Authors Podcast Part 1 and Part 2

Dan Mangan

Schitt’s Creek

The “Alexis says ‘David’” compilation that we borrowed for this episode. [Thanks to Steven Wood on YouTube.]

Our episode from last year with Carla Cackowski wherein she talks about Catherine O’Hara

Capote and Infamous

- Articles about workplace productivity that Chris referenced: 21 HOURS: THE CASE FOR A SHORTER WORKING WEEK & Microsoft tried a 4-day work week — and productivity soared

Josh Gondelman – Nice Try

Jenny Slate – Stage Fright

Greg Gulman – The Great Depresh

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