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Buddies Without Borders

Jun 5, 2019

On episode #15 of the Talent Crush Chat Show, Chris & Stevie talk about left coast weather, birds, partners in crime, and the work of Kevin Pollack, and then they present the second half of their conversation with the wonderful Janet Varney! 

JV talks about her time as a production assistant, her early acting roles, getting recognized in public, improv team synergy, and much more!

Janet Varney links!

• WebsiteTwitterInstagram

• The JV Club Podcast

• Fortune Rookie

• Voyage to the Stars

• Theme Park Improv

• The Workjuice Players


Rabia Chaudry:


The Undisclosed Podcast: 




Check out Kevin Pollak’s fantastic book ‘How I Slept My Way to the Middle

Enjoy Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show on YouTube or Earwolf!



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• The National Network of Abortion Funds

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• Mr. Meepmeep

• ‘The Sexy Lamp Test’ coined by Kelly Sue DeConnick